My priorities are your priorities!

It’s time that you have a Supervisor who you can talk to…a responsive Supervisor who understands the complex issues we face….an honest representative who does not carry any political baggage….and has been a proven advocate for our area for over a decade!

It’s time that you have a Supervisor who will consistently and professionally represent this District week after week…I have spoken to many of you, and I understand your needs and your priorities. The issues and challenges of our district are many – but I am solution-driven and will use my voice on the Board of Supervisors to ensure that you are NEVER UNDERSERVED AGAIN!

I have committed my time, energy and personal resources to our community…and I look forward to ensuring quality of life and commitment to growth for every taxpayer and citizen in our District.

You need a leader you can trust – a leader who will listen.

This beautiful community we call home deserves professional representation. We need an individual who is able to see all sides of any situation and will work to address concerns. I will work with my fellow Supervisors as well as the Department heads and Elected Officials of Pinal to ensure that the needs of District Two will never be “put on the shelf.”

I am that person….and I ask for your vote. I have the ability to see things through and I will not quit until the job is done!

As your District 2 Supervisor, I will work to:

  • Keep taxes low
  • Keep our community safe – Public Safety is vital!
  • Work within the budget without sacrificing needed services
  • Give you a VOICE in our future
  • Encourage business growth and bring jobs to our area
  • Foster opportunities for head of household jobs
  • Advocate solutions to our existing transportation issues
  • Address and advocate for healthcare accessibility
  • Foster awareness of all available resources to the citizens and taxpayers of District Two
  • Promote our area at both the County and State level
  • Promote a responsible and balanced budget for our County

I will focus my efforts on:

  • Conservative Fiscal Management
  • Public Safety
  • Job Creation
  • Economic and Business Development
  • Responsible Growth
  • Transportation
  • Education and Healthcare Accessibility

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